The new Siege of Orgrimmar level 90 raids are starting to appear in-game.  The first of four raids, Vale of Eternal Sorrows, has been unlocked in Looking for Raid and normal modes.  The new raid composition of flex raids, where a group of varying size, anywhere between 10-25 people, can queue in raid finder and the raid will adjust to the appropriate difficulty based on the size of the group, is also an option now.


Wipe on the first raid boss of Vale of Eternal Sorrows, Immerseus


I had a good time healing Eternal Sorrows on my discipline priest, Dagner.  I find the repetitive wipeage in Looking for Raid groups when a new tier of raids is launched amusing.  This occurs partly because the difficulty is higher than any other raid, and no one has the higher item level gear that drops from it yet, nor have most people raid the Raid Journal or online notes about the boss fights.  It’s a period of frustration and one of creation.  Players now are determining strategies that players in the future will likely use to deal with each boss – where to stand, when to attack, who to heal, etc., and that’s kind of cool.

My love of raid healing rekindled after healing the new raid through wipes and finally successful completion, I queued to heal the final raid bosses of the other two tiers of level 90 raids, Terrace of Endless Spring and Pinnacle of Storms.  Here are some screen shots of the Sha of Fear and Lei Shen.


Sha of Fear


Lei Shen

Lei Shen